Relational skill:

Teaching in companies and universities.
Coordination and tutoring groups of people in multicultural environments.

Organization skill:

Coordination and administration of people, projects, budgets; Entrepreneur; technical and delivery manager in varied work experience
Sound engineer in live concerts, coordination of groups of service

Functional skill:

Bank and finance: Web-based applications, multichannel systems, security, atm/pos and self-service; e-payment / electronic cash; instruments and methodology; startup of on-line banks; b2b/b2c/b2e portals; ebpp; business intelligence and tableau de bord
Public administration: ERP and integrated systems for Government, citizen-government dialogue, human resources management, workflow and document management, datawarehouse, management control; automatic speech recognition and transcription
Insurances: P&C systems; agency networks and related problems; multichannel systems; b2e portals; knowledge portals; intranet networks
Health: human resources management; ticket payment; certifications; referts
Enterprise: access control, human resources, production, ERP, coding; speech recognition; real-time
data collection; plastic cards, magnetic, microchip and tag-transponder, RF-ID, biometrics and fingerprint; knowledge portals; home (domotics) and building automation; geographical systems, automotive and railway systems
Sell and distribution: sale chain management, franchising and direct; ERP; barcodes and coding
systems; fidelity systems; plastic cards; RF-ID

Consultancy and Survey: on information and communication technologies, digital and analog audio

Funded Projects: in the various ICT issues (research, development, pre-competitive research, etc.) in
Italy (reg. Lombardy, reg. Lazio, P.A.Trento, etc..) and Mexico

Technical skill:


Architecture: Java J2EE, .NET, client/server, IBM PowerSystem, Web, legacy integration, SOA, embedded, clouds
Languages: Html/Dhtml, JavaScript, VisualBasic, C/C++, Java, J2SE/J2EE, Xml/Xsl, PHP,
Flex/ActionScript, VBscript, ASP, etc.
Platforms and environments: MS-Windows, Linux/Posix, Android, Unix, MS/PC-Dos, etc. MS-VisualStudio, .NET Framework, IBMi, Java, etc.
Networks and protocols: Tcp/Ip, Sna/Sdlc, BSC2/3, RJE2780/3770, TTY, IBM3270, IBM5250, ModBus, CANBus, etc.

Competences/Fields: web based systems, real-time, user interface, application integration,
heterogeneous systems, building automation, interoperability, compilers/interpreters, heuristic systems,
comunication systems, b2c/b2b/b2e portals, etc.

Electronics: signal and power analog, audio processing and recording, digital electronics

MicroComputing: AVR, Zilog, Microchip, Hitachi and ARM processors, MCU for interfaces, home automation and data transmission

Audio: PA and live systems, analog and digital recording, concerts management, consultancy